American Persimmon
(Diospyros Virginiana)

A tasty treat for the  gardening enthusiast

Persimmon are an edible fruit found more common in warmer climates. The variety grown here is smaller than what you would find in a grocery store, but it still has a delicious crop that is picked in late Autumn to early winter. The fruit has an appearance of an orange tomato with a more mango like consistency inside. A more common name would be the Date Plum.

Persimmon grow to be anywhere from 15ft to 60ft in height, and can be grown to a willowy appearance. This variety is at its limit for its cold hardiness in our climate, and will require care for the first few years in order to mature. Multiple trees are needed to ensure both  male and female are present, as that is required for fruits to grow. They should produce fruit in 3-5 years.