Havenloft Tree Nursery

      Imagine an innovative investment, one that promotes an environmentally friendly and sustainable crop, while providing an excellent long-term return on that investment at the same time. One of my favorite quotes is “The best time to plant a black walnut was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

    This is because walnuts trees can be grown for the purpose of Veneer or timber as a high quality wood product. With 300 black walnuts cross planted on average per acre, yearly care is essential in bringing an orchard to its full potential. Veneer/high grade timber is far more rare in a wild stand, or a stand left alone after initial planting. Upon maturity, these trees can range from $500-1000 (non-veneer timber) or even up to $5000 veneer quality per tree.

      Havenloft's goal is to sell these trees to those who can benefit from them. A farmer who is reclaiming unused land for their retirement or creating a new kind of siliviculture pasture. A landowner with an acreage they want to get more value from, as walnut orchards increase land price. Even a savvy investor who can see the value in such a high rate of return and wants to purchase land to have walnuts planted. Black Walnuts also have the potential to be insured under crop insurance, this is something that most traditional investments cannot usually offer.

Currently we offer black walnut trees in either potted or bareroot varieties. They range from 1-4ft, and are grown right here on PEI. Black walnuts will also do much better in the bio-diverse planting pattern developed at Havenloft.        
      There are many income streams generated by growing these trees. A walnut orchard can take time to come into full production, but in turn can produce thousands of nuts per acre in 7-10 years with amounts only increasing. These nuts are already being sold to companies to create a consumer food product or could be resold in bulk directly to farmer’s as a highly nutritious feed. Trees such as Hazelnuts make a great companion crop for walnuts as they are shade tolerant and can grow in the under story. As well as cross planting with certain chestnut species to increase biodiversity.

      There are many other benefits of growing black walnuts on PEI. Black walnuts are one of the top ten carbon sink trees, with studies from the US department of energy showing one tree alone can take over a ton of Co2 out of the atmosphere after 25 years. This is something we sorely need now more than ever with talk on climate change being so prominent. We could Reforest unused farm land and reduce our dependency on the American walnut industry for timber and nuts. Plus there is no real need for yearly replanting, watershed concerns or harmful pesticides, as these orchards can be grown organically with the right practices.